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Host, share, and add videos to your website, embed live streaming channels anywhere, sell videos on demand, send SMS and emails campaigns to your audience.

Manage all your video streaming needs

Live Events

Low latency Video streaming and audience interaction tools for small or large events

Video Analytics

Get the metrics that matters, view or present real useful data to your clients


Sell access codes or subscriptions from your website at 0% commissions.

Video Host

Host your videos on multiple CDN and improve global reach and scalability

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Everything you need to Video

All the tools for high performance video hosting & live streaming to one or a million viewers.

Remote Upload

Stop looking for file sharing services, send a link to your editor and get the video uploaded to your account

Secure your content

Lock the files to your website domain name, create password protected links or request Geo-Blocked players

Adaptive Transcoding

Live and static videos get converted in real time to ensure viewers will get your content no matter their connexion speed


Sell access codes, subscriptions or pay-per-view from your website at 0% commissions

Viewer Analytics

Get the metrics that matters, view or present real useful data to your clients

Multiple CDNs

Use multiple content delivery networks and improve global reach and scalability

Fast, easy and secure Video Hosting

Host your videos in a platform that can handle millions of views without affecting your website or app speed. Share public or password-protected links, sell videos, and integrate them into your WordPress, Wix, or any application.

“Definitely, all our video nightmares were solved by switching to, our customer's feeback has been great”

Lina Santos, Digital Marketing Manager
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Need to send Messages?

Send powerful text campaigns with confidence, right from the get-go.

Connect and convert like never before

Our SMS solution is built for busy teams, so you can become an SMS pro in no time. Simple, intuitive, cost-effective solutions that make your marketing spend go further: it’s what we do best.

What's included

  • Import your phone numbers

  • No experience needed

  • Pay as you go

  • Unlimited contacts